Jan Simm

Bike run 1Jan Simm

Lives in Carrickfergus, and is a qualified counsellor.

Always having had a keen interest in racing, first met some fantastic people from Northern Ireland at The Manx Grand Prix a lot of years ago! Arranged a holiday with my Sister for race week
and thought she maybe wouldn’t notice… ?!

Moved to Northern Ireland in 2002, after the death of (The Big Guy ) Eddie Sinton, as it was the only place I wanted to be and it’s the best wee country ever!
I helped establish The Injured Riders Welfare Fund in 2003 together with Yvonne and Sheila and I also work as a Welfare Officer at race meetings.
I have now lived in Northern Ireland for nearly 17 years. The way I see it, I wake up every day in the place where I want to be, I have a job I love, a nice wee pad, and some great friends…. So, for everything that racing has given me, it is important that I give back as much as I can.

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