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The Injured Riders Welfare fund was the brainwave of Yvonne Ward, Jan Simm and Sheila Sinton.
Established in 2003, our aim is to support riders after injury by giving them some support and financial assistance.

Initially we started fundraising in 2003 and went from selling quiz sheets for a pound ( always hated that bit ) to having donations of bike memorabilia that we could sell at bike shows.
One of the most famous events we held was an adaptation of Snow White held at The Royal Hotel in Cookstown. The people who were there are probably still laughing.

From there we organised a sponsored walk around The Tandragee 100 course. This event is always held the day after Cookstown and we encourage as many Tandragee newcomers as possible to join us. Any newcomers who do the walk get a free entry for the Tandragee 100. For the last two years we have held the walk in memory of Stephen Larkin. It is always  a great day with over 100 people either walking, running or cycling. Sheila kindly organises refreshments so we can return to sandwiches, buns and copious cups of tea!

As the fund became more established, people have participated in their own events in order to raise money for us. Up to now we have had donations after bike runs, sponsored walks, a parachute jump, Belfast Marathon, quiz nights..the list goes on, we are so grateful for everyone who has helped. More and more we find riders who we have helped through injury have taken it upon themselves to raise funds and awareness in their own way.

It’s very rewarding and humbling for us when riders want to give something back, it makes us realise that we truely are making a difference, albeit in a small way…

Thanks Everyone !!


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